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Light and weight ...

Perceive your soul
The force of light
Perceive your body
The force of weight

In the force of light
The spirit-I rays
In the force of weight
God’s spirit works

... and man’s mission ...

However, the force of light
may not grasp the force of weight
Neither, may the force of weight
Penetrate the force of light

Should the force of light grasp the force of weight
or the force of weight penetrate the force of light
body and soul bind themselves
in universal-error to their own destruction


Text of the meditation: Rudolf Steiner
Titles: Theodor Hundhammer


M-02 Licht-Schwere-O.1.jpgEurythmic movement and meditative content complement each other ideally

Dealing with content that is not directly related to everyday life can help to create a helpful distance from the everyday.

Here we will show three eurythmic meditations and what you can pay attention to when performing them.

You can download the texts of the meditations and the in-depth questions as Pdf.

This course contains three meditations

  • Light - Weight - O (1 video)
  • I think Speech (3 videos)
  • The power of Health (2 videos)

You can download a dossier with the texts of the meditations, in-depth questions and a retrospective summary as pdf.