Course Summary

Proceedings Trauma Conference 2023

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Replays und Discussion

Hundhammer Theodor
Theodor Hundhammer: Welcoming
Haas Harald
Harald Haas: What is Trauma and What is not Trauma?
Hundhammer Theodor
Theodor Hundhammer: The Four Elements Body Scan and Light-Weight-O
Faltin_Myrtha_2 800x800
Myrtha Faltin: Stabilizing Movement and Dexterity Exercises for Children
Kutney Judith 800x800
Judith Kutney: Revitalizing the Compassionate Heart

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Powell Valentin 2022
Valentin Powell: Body Balm 1 
Haas Harald
Harald Haas: What is Needed for Therapy to Succeed
Verena Hetzmannseder
Verena Hetzmannseder: Seven Important Keys of Attention-based Movement Work
Evelyn Richbell - Caroline Salter
Evelyn Richbell, Caroline Salter: Trauma within the Family - Moving Through Fragmentation Towards Wholeness
James Dyson
James Dyson: Confronting the Abyss. When the Ground Gives Way under Your Feet
Powell Valentin 2022
Valentin Powell: Body Balm 2
Haas Harald
Harald Haas: Post-traumatic Growth
Mamonova Gulzaira
Gulzaira Mamonova: Encountering and transforming trauma with art
Borodulkina Tetiana
Tetiana Borodulkina: Stress Relief: How Does It Work?
Bondarevych Iryna
Iryna Bondarevich: The Wholesome Human Being
Faltin_Myrtha_2 800x800
Myrtha Faltin: Cooperation in Emergency Assistance. Stabilizing Exercises for Adults
Karsta Johannes
Karsta Johannes: Karsta Tells about Herself
Hundhammer Theodor
Theodor Hundhammer: Seven-step Therapy Systems and Their Potentials for Trauma Therapy

Contributions of Participants

10-minute presentations on trauma-related topics given by members of our audience.