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    Replays und Discussion
    • Petra Rosenkranz: Developmental Trauma - Art Work in Cairo
      Trauma 1 Shape drawing with the full commitment of our body
    • Theodor Hundhammer: Sense of Touch N-B-H
      Tierkreis-Laute 061012-en
    • Graham Kennish: Goethean Psychology and Trauma
      Header Goethean Psychology
    • Truus van der Kaaij: Dąbrowski’s ‘Theory of Positive Disintegration’ (TPD)
      Dabrowski - Theory of Positive Disintegration 2
    • Lolita Malinina: Hedgehog Therapy
      Lolita Malinina
    • Adele Waldmann: Eurythmy Therapy for Chronic Pain Due to PTSD
      Adele bearbeitet Ausschnitt2
    • Halyna Bokovets: Learning to Forgive
      Bokovets Halyna
    • Alla Selikhanovich: Music Therapy As a Survival Aid
      Alla Selikhanovich
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Harald Haas: What is Needed for Therapy to Succeed

A Verse for Our Time

Whatever comes, whatever the next hour, the next day may bring me:
I cannot change it at this moment, as it is completely unknown to me, by any fear.
I will await it with the most perfect inner peace of soul, with the most perfect calmness of mind.

Our development will be inhibited by fear and anxiety;
through the waves of fear and anxiety we reject what wants to enter our soul from the future!

The surrender to what is called divine wisdom in events,
the certainty that what is to come must be...
and that it must also have its good effects in some direction,
the evocation of this mood in words, in sensations, in ideas,
that is the mood of the prayer of devotion.

This is part of what we have to learn in this time: To live out of pure trust,
without security of existence, trusting in the ever-present help of the spiritual world.
Truly, nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail us.

Let us discipline our will and seek awakening from within ourselves
every morning and every evening.

The prayer in this form does not come directly from Rudolf Steiner! The first three paragraphs of the text are - in partly modified form - compiled from three passages of Rudolf Steiner's lecture "The Essence of Prayer" Berlin 17. 2. 1910, GA 059, p. 114. (Download Pdf). The last two paragraphs reproduce in modified form a wording handed down by Zeylmans van Emmichoven, which is said to have come from Rudolf Steiner. Source: AnthroWiki