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    • Petra Rosenkranz: Developmental Trauma - Art Work in Cairo
      Trauma 1 Shape drawing with the full commitment of our body
    • Theodor Hundhammer: Sense of Touch N-B-H
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    • Graham Kennish: Goethean Psychology and Trauma
      Header Goethean Psychology
    • Truus van der Kaaij: Dąbrowski’s ‘Theory of Positive Disintegration’ (TPD)
      Dabrowski - Theory of Positive Disintegration 2
    • Lolita Malinina: Hedgehog Therapy
      Lolita Malinina
    • Adele Waldmann: Eurythmy Therapy for Chronic Pain Due to PTSD
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    • Halyna Bokovets: Learning to Forgive
      Bokovets Halyna
    • Alla Selikhanovich: Music Therapy As a Survival Aid
      Alla Selikhanovich
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Harald Haas: Post-traumatic Growth

Finding Inner Peace

Recall a situation in your life when you felt completely at peace with yourself, that is, in harmony with yourself. Remember as many details as you need to be able to feel this sensation again ...

And now think of a situation from the last few days, if there was one, otherwise further back, where you felt at odds with yourself, at odds with yourself. And again, remember the details that you need so that you can also feel this....

And now imagine that this part that can be at peace with itself goes to the other part that is at odds with itself and makes friendly, loving, accepting contact with it. Through words or through touch or through both, as it seems coherent for you ....

In any case, it should be something supportive, loving ....

And now imagine that you take these two I into your heart. Because, strictly speaking, you are all of them. The I of today embraces both states. And then you can imagine that you are enveloped or enclosed by a light that means peace for you ...

For many people, blue, sky blue, like a summer sky in Italy, is a colour that gives peace. And if that is so for you, then you can imagine that you are sitting in this light or that the light is flowing through you. But if you see another colour as coherent, take your own colour ...

Then return your attention to the room.

From: Luise Reddemann: Imagination as a Healing Power, Resources and Compassion in the Treatment of Trauma Consequences. Nineteenth completely revised new edition 2016 (Imagination als Heilsame Kraft, Ressourcen und Mitgefühl in der Behandlung von Traumafolgen. Neunzehnte vollständig überarbeitete Neuauflage 2016).