My colleague has Corona - are there eurythmy therapy exercises for it?


In November, I was asked: Dear Theodor, is there actually a special recommendation for eurythmy exercises for Corona? Unfortunately, a colleague has caught it, but fortunately she's been doing pretty well so far. (*)

This was my answer:

Dear ....

Yes, it already exists. In the course package "Resilience and Strength" she will find five eurythmy therapy exercises. These are actually intended to prevent and strengthen the rhythmic system. On the one hand, they are intended to reduce the risk of getting sick. On the other hand, they ensure that when ill, we have enough elasticity in us to cope with the crisis well and even benefit from it.

Resilience and Strength

If you are sick and have a fever, you don't actually do eurythmy therapy or only very, very carefully. That is why I would recommend your friend start eurythmy therapy only when she feels well enough.

There are five sets of exercises. I would recommend to start with the Love and E exercise from week 3 emphasizing its third phase, which is the "being streamed through from behind". This warms the body and helps it to find itself again.

If that goes well (she can assess this by checking in with herself) after a few days, she can add the exercises from weeks 2 and 4 and, if that goes well, the exercises from weeks 1 and 5. In this way, she shapes the way out of the disease. So the order I recommend is:


In this emergency, your friend does not follow the standard structure of the course, but a specific order of the exercises. To facilitate this we've created a special Corona package which she'll also find on the Resilience and Strength page.

Corona Special

In the first week she practices 6 variations of exercise 3 (Love and E) each time a little different. After that she moves forward and practises the exercises 2, 3 and 4 (Sympathy and Antipathy, Love and E, Hope and U). When she feels better, she can start with a run-through of the whole series Yes and No, Sympathy and Antipathy, Love and E, Hope and U, A-H and Reverence. This will help her to resume her everyday life again and maybe even experience it in a new way.

All the best and speedy recovery to your friend.

* Since the revised English "Resilience and Strength" package was only published this week, it was nor possible to publish this post before. We are all the more pleased to be able to give these instructions now and hope that they will serve you all in the best possible way.


Hi Theodor, 

From my experience with Covid and Long Covid I strongly recommend to avoid Eurythmy and Eurythmy Therapy during infection and in case of Long Covid, because part of the problem are uncontrollable inflammations. Only with very careful guidance of an experienced therapist some careful chosen excersises, 5 minutes a day or so, can be recommended. 

Love and greetings,Beatrix

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Hello Beatrix

You are a well-known, internationally experienced and versatile colleague. Thank you for having shared your valuable experience in your comment.
Eurythmy therapy can indeed promote an existing inflammation, because the principle of eurythmy therapy consists in activating the forces of the I, which by their nature are warming, process-promoting forces. For this reason, we recommend starting with “Love and E” only when it feels good and doing the exercises in a very special way that we demonstrate in seven “Love and E” videos.
The Eurythmy4you method of eurythmy therapy exercises consists in letting the movement of the body and the limbs arise from an internal, active observation. Doing so one invites the forces of the I into the execution of the movement differently than usual. Working in this way could open up access to new therapeutic possibilities and a more self-determined handling of eurythmy, and make us more independent of eurythmy therapists in our vicinity. This is what the Corona Special course aims for.

We have chosen the "Love and E" exercise very carefully. It is - when done as suggested by us -  a very gentle exercise that supports slow embodiment after hard times. And only when you perceive a positive effect of the "Love and E" exercise on your progress should you continue with the other exercises, which are demonstrated in a similar way
We are convinced that careful application of the five eurythmy exercises in the manner suggested will lead to good results, especially during and after the recovery period. People who buy the course can post comments in the lessons and thereby support one another.

In order to enable you and all interested parties to watch and practice the "Love and E" videos, some are made freely accessible. So anyone who feels the need to work with them can start without having to buy the course right away. As you suggested, the videos are short, only the seventh takes a little longer because the various aspects of the "Love and E" exercise are deepened there. 

Here you can view the courses: Resilience and Health and Corona packages.
Kind regards, Theodor

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Some of my experiences when practising the 'Love and E' exercise during a period of "uncontrollable inflamations" during the last two weeks:

As a first step I felt and still feel very carefully looked after between 'Love' and 'E'.     Processes begin to come into balance and the heart is relieved.     The body can relax, inflammations and cramps diminish.     Hope arises to establish a free and powerfully breathing realm in the middle.

At the moment I don't want to take up other exercises, but to go on with 'Love and E' for a while.

With good wishes for all of you


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Dear Ilse - I hope you do you feel better again - what is your impression about the effect of the exercises on your process?
All the best to you, Theodor

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Thank you, Theodor, for asking. - First I thought, I cannot answer this question, as during the different inflammation processes of course I had medicine and other remedies too.    But, at last it came to my mind that I learned something very interesting once about caring for ones sheaths.

Moods deeply affect the physical body.  The etheric body is strengthened by truth.   Interest for the world around oneself helps with the astral body.   Being initiative fosters the force of the I.

Now looking at the Love+E exercise its amazing for me, to find these four caring qualities wonderfully represented in it. Thanks to your clear and subtle instructions, Theodor, this little exercise became a healthbringing friend in my soul life. 

In the meantime I practise other exercises as well. Some kind of attunement, as suggested, will always be good.


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