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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

Learn how you can harness this potential and use it to benefit yourself and others.

New HSP Public Course

Starting on September 29, 2024

Increased sensitivity and perceptions may cause stress symptoms that severely restrict daily life. Often perceived as a problem, High Sensitivity may actually be worth developing.

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Course dates: Weekly online meetings on Sundays, starting on 29 September and ending on 8 Dezember.                 No meeting on 3 November (mid-course break).

Course Content and Method

Throughout the course we will explore eight layers of High Sensitivity, thus covering the entire spectrum of personality from one level of consciousness to another, or, if preferred, from one Chakra to another.

Each week, practical and eurythmy exercises, designed to support the transformation of problematic experiences to personal fulfilment, will be offered.

Additional Certificate Training

For those interested, there is a certificate programme with additional group work, practical exercises and presentations, which runs until March 2025.

Upon completion of the Certificate Training you will be certified to lead Eurythmy4you HSP courses and join the Eurythmy Certificate Course Team 2025/2027.

The Perseus HSP Questionnaire 2022.01

Assess your sensitivity levels using our comprehensive questionnaire.

The eight-level Perseus HSP Questionnaire 2022.01


What is High Sensitivity?

It is a term ascribed to people who are very sensitive and highly perceptive. Here are some favourable observations of the traits of Highly Sensitive people:

  1. Sensitivity in interpersonal relationships with a multi-faceted perception of complex relationships
  2. Heightened sensory activity to the point of 
  3. Sensitivity to electro-smog or substances which show up as allergens
  4. Passionate, creative, selfless, humorous, empathetic
  5. Thoughts span larger contexts
  6. Sense of detail
  7. High body awareness and a strong sense of style
  8. Foresight as an aspect of consciousness
  9. Strongly Committed to their beliefs
  10. For High Sensation Seekers - A need to experience one’s own actions strongly

Why work with High Sensitivity?

Highly Sensitive people are preparing for a Highly Sensitive Future

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