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I am mainly interested in improving my well-being, self-esteem and quality of life.

Do you want to transform your high sensitivity or stress and everyday stress, suffer less from it and develop yourself further? Then you have come to the right place with our ABSR courses and HSP courses. Mental exercises, everyday exercises and movement exercises complement each other perfectly. Numerous enthusiastic feedback and the scientific evaluation by the University of Bern confirm the positive effectiveness of these courses.

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You can join these courses at any time directly and without prior eurythmy knowledge. This was also shown by the scientific evaluation, in which participants with and without prior knowledge in the field of anthroposophy or eurythmy achieved an equally good improvement in their well-being. Your joy in doing, trying out and practicing is completely sufficient. If you are unsure, we recommend one of the guided courses that take place online on a regular basis. But it is also very possible to go through the courses individually or with friends at your own pace.

If you have specific questions, you might find an answer in the courses on different life topics and in the webinar replays, where we show a lot of exercises for health and joy in life.

For the Eightfold path course, it is good if you have already done one of the other courses.

I want to maintain a regular rhythm and do something for myself together with others

Then our webinars are just right for you! Every year we offer 30 webinars on health and eurythmy topics at weekly intervals.

You can take part in silence for yourself, but you can also ask questions that are answered directly. You will notice how much it helps to be on the road together. The feedback shows this impressively. We also take a break every now and then and feel how the exercises work. It's a lot easier together than alone.

Just try it out, you will see how much fun it is and how much good it does.

I am mainly interested in eurythmy

Then it is best to proceed in the order in which the courses are arranged on the eurythmy page:

Start with the basic exercises, so you will already learn many basics and get a feeling for the ethereal in eurythmy.

You can try the Upper and Lower Man course afterwards, but you can just as easily try out the course later. He shows you in a playful way how you can address and use the different force fields in yourself.

Then learn the rod exercises. With this you practice addressing different levels within yourself and letting harmonizing forces from the cosmos work into you. This is good for your body - it stays healthy, vital and powerful.

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Image from Health in Action

This gives you all the basics to be able to follow the courses on the basic aspects of the vowelstherapeutic exercises and eurythmy meditations. With these courses you will learn a lot that will help you to understand eurythmy better. This means that you are well prepared to take part in eurythmy courses at your location and benefit from them.

You can also go straight to the hands-on videos from the Health-in-Action series. With these courses you get almost all videos of the courses mentioned above as supplementary videos for free. With each series you do something different for your inner health.

The movements of the consonants B, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, T, W can be found in the course Eurythmy on Skis. And even find out how they can be used practically together with the vowels when skiing.

What if I just want to reduce stress?are less interested in eurythmy, but you want to get a better grip on your everyday life and to reduce stress and exhaustion, then our Activity-Based Stress Release (ABSR) course is just right for you. In the course you will learn about the various forms of nervousness such as: forgetfulness, indecision etc. and learn exercises that address these phenomena in everyday life, complemented by eurythmy exercises. The eight module course is a complete unit in itself.

Tips for practicing eurythmy

What should I pay attention to when practicing?

The gestures of eurythmy encompass the whole variety of inner movement possibilities. Eurythmy takes place in the body therefore the outer gestures correspond to inner movements.

We have animated the videos with moving illustrations to show you how to activate your inner powers and what you can experience. Take a look at them and try to repeat the exercises calmly and from memory. Can you understand and experience them independently with your body awareness? Be happy when you discover something new.

Practice time: how often and how long?

Exercising for a small amount of time every day is the best. Start off with a short amount of time, which you can later expand to 20 to 30 minutes. Try to arrange for an undisturbed practice time.

Eurythmy strengthens our body awareness and leads us into a dialogue with it. If you notice that the exercises do you good and you wish to do them often, we recommend that you do so with care and alternate them with other exercises and activities. As with all things in life, it is important to find the right balance in doing the exercises and not to overdo them.

You will notice that within the videos, there are moments when the screen goes blank and there is a pause. In such pauses between the exercises and at the end, you can learn to pay attention to the life forces by sitting or standing quietly. This gives the life body space, the life forces are strengthened, and you connect with your personal potential.

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Space and clothes

Support your practice by preparing the room a bit. The more calm it radiates and the less distraction there is, the better you will perceive yourself from within and be able to execute and experience your movements accordingly. Wear clothing that is comfortable to the touch and doesn't get in the way.

Eyes open or closed?

If you do not have a lot of experience with eurythmy, you may wish to close your eyes while doing the exercises. Then you feel - at least at the beginning - more easily what is going on inside you.

But eurythmy is based on the unity of your inner world with the world around you. That is why we keep our eyes open, the gaze is relaxed and not focused. We look inside ourselves, but also out into the world - at the same time!

Do not use mirrors to see if you are doing everything right ’- that doesn't matter! Work with your inner feeling and realign yourself from within. You have everything you need in you!

Have fun and enjoy discovering!

And the prices?
Eurythmy4you is a complex and cost-intensive project in which we put a lot of heart and soul. So that we can further develop the offer and eventually cover the costs, we ask you to buy the courses and videos

  • The guided group courses (ABSR, HSP and path) cost € 140.- for nine to ten weeks. You will then have the course permanently available. If you want to do the course individually, it costs only € 70.-.
  • The seven eurythmy courses cost € 15.- each. If you take them as a package, they cost € 50.-.
  • If you buy "Health in Action" for € 70.-, you get the eurythmy courses for free. The same applies to the ABSR and HSP courses.
  • The webinars cost € 50.-  for ten weeks, after which you have the replays permanently available.
  • Smaller thematic courses cost € 35.-.We deliberately keep prices low and the price structure simple. When buying, you can choose whether you want to take advantage of a discount of around 20 to 30% percent. If that's still too expensive, that's not an obstacle. Write us an email and we will find a solution!



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