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Eurythmy strengthens your body awareness and leads you into a dialogue with the body. In becoming aware of the resonance between and after the exercises you learn to pay attention to the life forces. The life-body is given space, the life-forces are strengthened and you connect yourself with your personal potential.

Take time after every exercise to to take a rest and to perceive the aftereffects in your body and in your feelings.If you rest properly for five or ten minutes after every sequence, you give your body time to integrate the exercises so that they can be properly digested when you sleep at night.

As everywhere in life, such as when engaging in sport or working, it is important to vary and avoid overdoing things. If you notice that the exercises have a positive effect and you wish to do them regularly, we recommend that to do so with care and that you do not neglect other exercises and activities.

Should you have questions or for further interest you will find links to eurythmists and eurythmy therapists who will be willing to help you on our links page. Should you have a therapeutic need we advise you to contact a doctor or eurythmy therapist.

Before beginning any course, please review the guidelines on the page How to use this site.

Rose.068-950x950.jpgHow can I protect myself from overstimulation? If I can't stand the noise from the neighboring construction site? When I can't stand my colleagues' nervous habits? If I can't stand smells or crowds?

Rest and time for yourself are important so that you can recover from such stress. But what can you do that you become more stable within yourself without having to suppress your sensitivity?

This course contains the most important exercises that you need to stay with you in stressful situations and to feel yourself. This is the basis for not being so vulnerable to the threatening chaos around you.

In the eight-week course "HSP-1: Growing with High Sensitivity as a Personality", we systematically go through all layers that are challenged with high sensitivity and show you inner ways how you can not only master the topics, but also grow despite them.

Just give the course a try. If you don't like it, you have 14 days unrestricted right of return.