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Microcosm and macrocosm

The path into the cosmos leads in ever larger dimensions: from the moon to the sun, to planets, to fixed stars, to solar systems, galaxies, superclusters, etc. The observable universe is currently 78 billion light years in size; behind that lies the unobservable universe.

On the way inwards, into the body, we enter into ever smaller dimensions: cells, organelles, molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei, quarks, etc. Our body is just as infinite on the inside as the cosmos on the outside. It gets bigger and bigger on the outside, smaller and smaller on the inside.

The microcosm, our body, and the macrocosm, the universe, are mirror images. That is why the Babylonians and Egyptians were able to develop a zodiac that is structured according to the same principles as the human organism. In traditional occidental medicine, these relationships were translated into a medical system and spread throughout Central Europe by Paracelsus and others. Today this system is again gaining increasing interest and recognition.

According to this view, the human being is a two-, three-, four-, seven- and twelve-membered being, whose levels play into one another in many different ways. This astrological view of medicine is also valid for the field of movement and can be used in body therapy.