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Planets connect signs of the zodiac

The relationships between polar signs of the zodiac act like laws of nature, they are simply there. This is so because opposite signs of the zodiac connect friendly elements: air with fire and earth with water. With appropriate guidance, they can complement and reinforce each other. The polarity of opposite signs of the zodiac makes their potential available to us by itself. It is an expression of objectively existing spiritual laws. 

The planets address more intimate relationships. They have to be grasped more consciously. In the table you can see how the planets connect signs that actually exclude each other due to their element affiliation. They connect water signs with fire signs and air signs with earth signs. The sun and moon, Leo and Cancer together make up the rib cage. There water and fire meet.

In practice this means that such connections do not come about by themselves. In order to become fertile they need the inner activity of the human being. They are impulses for inner activities. They have to be taken up and realized by the human being attentively.

In this diagram you can find all interrelationships between the vowels, consonants, planets and the zodiac.