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Where can I find my course?

The best way to find your course is to look in your profile. Your profile lists the products you have purchased, which may include more than one course. You should be able to click on the product and then the courses will be visible, if they are not already visible on their own.

You can always go to your course via the website navigation.

  1. Go to the English pages of Eurythmy4you.

  2. Under the top headers, select the topic page where your course is.

  3. Click the course.

  4. If you have bought the course and are logged in, all lessons will be open.

You can also find all courses on the "Overview of all courses and videos" page.

  • Go to the English pages of Eurythmy4you.

  • Under the Info tab, select Overview of all courses and videos.

  • The courses you have purchased are accessible. After you login, all lessons will be open.

  • The courses that you haven't purchased are grayed out, but you can still open the course and see the preview or access the first module, depending on the course.