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I can't find the course in my profile

That is correct and has to do with the fact that a product can also activate several courses. Since only the products are displayed in your profile and not the courses to which you have access, you will not find your courses there.

It is best to go to your course via the website navigation.

  1. Go to the English pages pages of Eurythmy4you
  2. Under Courses, select the topic page where your course is on
  3. Click the course.
  4. If you have bought the course and are logged in, all lessons will be open.


You can also find all courses on the "All courses and videos at a glance" page.

  • The courses that you haven't bought are grayed out, but you can open the course and see the preview.
  • The ones you bought are not veiled.

Overview of all courses and videos


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