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Outline of the follow-up course

In the ABSR follow-up course you will find more eurythmy exercises that enhance the effects of the already familiar everyday exercises. In addition, you will find videos, which combine the eurythmy exercises of the basic and advanced course.

We now go through the course in reverse order. The  Eurythmy exercises follow now the course of the weekdays (Saturday Saturn U, Sunday Sun Au, Monday Moon Ei, Tuesday Mars E, Wednesday Mercury I, Thursday Jupiter O, Friday Venus A).

This order is already laid out in the lecture “Nervousness conditions in our time” by Rudolf Steiner, where he discusses the exercises of this course:

  • In the introduction to the lecture, he discusses the exercises in the order of the ABSR follow-up course (criticism to forgetfulness).
  • In the main part of the lecture, he goes through the exercises in the order as in the ABSR basic course (forgetfulness to criticism).

You find the corresponding text sections of Rudolf Steiner's lecture in each module.