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Sequential passage

The sequential passage through the course is a wonderful opportunity to go through all the elements of the course consciously and calmly. You go from week to week, see only the current module and can concentrate wonderfully on the essentials. You are completely in the present and in the flow. You are active and you can let go at the same time

In the Start-Stop-Pause section, you can start and pause the guided course at any time. For example, when you go on vacation or have visitors. If you want to continue again, just restart the week. It only takes one click to display all modules again.

  • On Sunday morning you will receive an e-mail with the links to Pascal's introduction to the everyday exercises and we recommend that you go through the Level Two eurythmy sequence at a leisurely pace. Allow about 20 to 30 minutes for this. Develop your own version of the everyday exercises. Do them each day for the whole week, going through the Level Two eurythmy sequence every now and then.

  • On Tuesday or Wednesday you could take time to read the text that Rudolf Steiner wrote for the daily practice. You'll get a link to the text and we'll suggest a video to explore the vowel of the week.

  • On Thursday or Friday you could start doing the level one eurythmy exercises you know from the ABSR 1 course together with the level two exercises. We will send you the link to the video and the text of the exercises so you can do them without the video. We will also offer you one or two more videos to help you further explore the vowel of the week.

  • On Saturday we recommend that you consciously let go so that you can start fresh with the topics of the next week on Sunday.

  • On Sunday morning, the next module opens, the old one disappears, and you can start fresh with the next week's topics.

If you can't do something or aren't satisfied with how you did it, your most important exercise is to let go and accept how it is. Stay in the flow and move on to whatever comes next.