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Doing the exercise

In these videos we will show you exercises that work with the internal forces according to the language system. They help you,

  • to feel you and your needs better,
  • to develop your inner powers
  • and stay healthy.
  • You strengthen what lives in you
  • become more noticeable for others
  • and can act differently.

Try to participate as best as you can.

  1. Make it very clear what the task is:
  2. Immerse yourself in the movement
  3. Nevertheless, stay with yourself, feel your body and the balancing currents that result from it.
  4. Transform body regions into observers

Mobbing 1a Shaoul linke rechte Saeule.png

Then take your time to perceive your body!

  • It is good for you and your body!
  • Your body feels you, a dialogue begins and your inner powers blossom.