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Join us for the Zodiac Text Study Weeks 2024

Delve into Rudolf Steiner's influential lecture on immersion in planetary and zodiacal beings during sleep, alongside three Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts Articles exploring the macrocosmic roots of the human being within  earthly existence, and a lecture describing the connection of the houses of classical astrology to the development of cultural epochs.

  • The Path to a New Birth through Planets and Fixed Star Beings. 5 November 1922, GA 218*
  • Man as a Thinking and Remembering Being. Three Essays from 1925 on Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts No. 165 to 176, GA 26
  • The World Clock - The Connection of Concrete Constellations of the Zodiac and Planets with the Development of Cultural Epochs. 8 January 1919, GA 180

Hundhammer Theodor

Gain deeper insights into our nocturnal encounters with planetary and zodiacal forces, their impact on daily life, health, and moral development, as well as the potential role of eurythmy in this context. This comprehension will facilitate a deeper connection to the role of Eurythmy and its crucial role in navigating humanity's evolution amidst technological dominance.

Join us Saturdays, June 8, 15, 22 and 29, at 20:00 CET for discussions, questions, and study suggestions led by Theodor, with breakout rooms for interdisciplinary exploration. Between the meetings, recap texts will be provided, and presentation replays are available. (Find your time zone here)

The study groups will be held in English, the presentation will be in German with simultaneous translation into English. The texts will be sent out at least two weeks before the start of the event.

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* Title according to the text collection "Man and Stars" by Heinz Herbert Schöffler. In GA 218 under the title "The hidden sides of human existence and the Christ impulse."