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If you are interested in a topic, please enter yourself in the list. As soon as a sufficient number of interested parties have come together, we will write to you and plan the course.

Health in Action - Intensive eurythmy
We work through all the exercises from the seven courses for Health in Action, and so systematically develop the healing power of the vowels. For each vowel there are 15 to 24  variations, in groups of three. The exercises are shown and explained in the webinars and you receive the related exercise sequences as a video. In this way you may work independently between the webinars and really benefit from them.

Eurythmy as a support for cancer patients
There is a sequence of eurythmy sounds, O-E-M-L-Ei-B-D, which is used to help treat cancer related chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also called the warmth sequence because it is meant to stimulate the internal warmth processes. Participants should do these exercises over a 16 week period and practice independently several times a week. We build up the exercises slowly, vary them a little each time, but essentially they stay the same all the time.

Eurythmy for arthrosis
The sequence of eurythmy sounds L-R-S-O and LO RO SO, is often used for osteoarthritic symptoms. With L, R and S, inner movement processes are stimulated, with O, inner warmth and mobility. We build up the exercises slowly and vary them only a very little. In this course we wish to exchange ideas and work on the quality of our gestures. In doing so, we want our body to take our experiments seriously and become fluid in its movement again.

Eurythmy for asthma
LAOUM is a sequence of eurythmy sounds often used for the treatment of asthma. Around this sequence we build up simple exercises and show variations for application in different settings and for different levels of mobility. These exercises strengthen the constitution and the smooth flow of the breathing system.