Zodiac Summer Weeks 2024

Horboden, Entschwil - Kanton Bern

We have secured a beautiful chalet named Adlerhorst (Eagle's Nest) in the Swiss mountains, south of Bern, accommodating up to 10 people. The chalet boasts four separate bedrooms and spacious rooms ideal for our work.

We've booked the chalet from Saturday, July 20th to Saturday, August 3rd. The estimated cost is approximately 50-60 Euros per day per person, covering accommodation and meals, totaling 800 Euros per person for the event.


Adlerhorst e4u House 2

Haus Adlerhorst
Entschwil 53, 3755 Diemtigen


Workshop Activities

The aim of this Summer Workshop is to develop an Eurythmy Online Course on Zodiac gestures, their meaning and their practical application. During the summer workshop, we will explore eurythmy zodiac gestures in connection with the attributed planets. We will study texts, move together, explore, invent, and design attractive ways to convey eurythmy to a diverse range of people.

Participants of this workshop are invited to actively participate in the Autumn Eurythmy Online Course, performing, teaching, or facilitating it, however this is not an obligation. Some of our creations might be filmed during the summer workshop and be integrated into the autumn course, others will be presented live. 

The language of conversation is English.


How You Can Prepare

We encourage you to explore the Zodiac Text Study Weeks in June 2024 as an ideal preparation for our event. If you're unable to attend, registering will grant you access to a full text pdf, presentation replays and recap texts for self-study. This foundational content will form the basis of our theoretical work during the Adlerhorst-Weeks.


Costs and Application

All participants, including the organising team Theodor and Monika, pay the same price of 800 Euros for 14 days. The amount includes accommodation and food that we buy and prepare together. If it comes out cheaper, we will decide together what to do with the remaining funds.

As spaces are limited, we kindly request some information from you to better understand your background.

Do you want to participate?
Then Apply Here

Participation in the Summer Workshop is by invitation only. As soon as your application has been accepted, we will send you the link to finalise your registration. 



Arrival by air and train: All three Swiss airports – Geneva, Basel, and Zurich – are equidistant from our location. From the airport, take the train to Bern, which is about a one-hour ride. From Bern, it is a 45-minute journey to Oey-Diemtigen, where we will pick you up. Alternatively, you can take the connecting bus from there to Horboden, Chollerenbrücke (a 6-minute ride), which is even closer: Railway Timetable

Arrival by car: Google Maps:  Entschwil 53, 3755 Diemtigen



Adlerhorst e4u Living Room

Living Room


Adlerhorst e4u Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 (two  single beds)


Adlerhorst e4u Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 (one double bed with two separate mattresses)

Adlerhorst e4u Bedroom 4

Bedroom 3 (one double with two separate mattresses and two single beds)


Adlerhorst e4u Bedroom downstairs

Bedroom 4 (one double bed with two separate mattresses)

Adlerhorst e4u Eurythmy 1

Eurythmy 1


Adlerhorst e4u Euythmy 2

Eurythmy 2 (on request)


Adlerhorst e4u Kitchen



Adlerhorst e4u House



Wiriehore / Wiriehorn | Alpinklettern | Schweizer Alpen-Club SAC

Our "House Mountain", is the Wierihorn, 2304 m above sea level (7560 feet)

From where we are, you can walk around this beautiful mountain or climb it in about 5 hours, round trip.