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High sensitivity is our potential

The term high sensitivity is ascribed to people who are very sensitive and perceptive. It denotes an increased:

  • Sensitivity in the interpersonal sphere
  • Heightened sense activity even to the point of clairvoyance
  • Sensitivity to electro-smog or substances in the sense of allergens
  • The need to experience one’s own actions (High Sensation Seekers)

Highly sensitive people are characterized by passion, creativity, thinking in larger contexts, a multi-faceted perception of complex relationships, accuracy, high body awareness, sense of style, empathy, selflessness, humor, a forward-looking consciousness and commitment to their beliefs.

On the other hand, their increased sensitivity and perception may cause stress symptoms that severely restrict daily life. Extensive literature, web links, self-help groups and therapy offers exist. Whether, and to what degree, you are highly-sensitive, you can, for example, test here:

Renounce your sensitivity for the sake of a simpler life? Do you really want that?

That would be like wishing to become more unaware so as not to have to face the world's problems. We would rather know how to solve them!

 Sensitivity is something worth striving for! But we need:

  • The possibility to process the experiences
  • Protective mechanisms that reduce the intensity of the impressions, but not the information contained in them.
  • Inner spaces in which we can look at our experiences in peace, understand them and then react to them.

When we achieve that, we can say:

High sensitivity is the future. And the highly sensitive are preparing it!

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Eight weeks with meditations, exercises and eurythmy

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There are many courses available on High Sensitivity that will help you to: master your everyday life, get to know yourself better and take your needs seriously.

The special feature of our course is its systematic structure according to topics which are adapted to the different layers of our personality. The basis for the personality layers in this course is twofold: first, the Eightfold Path of the Buddha, as taught 3000 years ago; and second, the beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount. Both of these sources take up the complex structure of mind and body in a similar way, and subdivide it into eight or nine basic principles. Rudolf Steiner worked out the similarities between these two sets of teachings, and these sources and their approaches form the basis for this course.

This self-guided course is a wonderful opportunity to go through all the elements of the course consciously and calmly. You go from week to week, focusing only on the current module so you can concentrate wonderfully on the essentials. You are completely in the present and in the flow. You are active and you can let go at the same time. In the Start-Stop-Pause section, you can start and pause the guided course at any time.

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