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Structure of the course

There are many courses on High Sensitivity that will help you master your daily life, get to know yourself better and take your needs seriously.

The value of our course is the systematic structure of topics that are tailored to the layers of your personality.

Our personality is composed of numerous layers from which our various abilities are nurtured and nourished. These layers are mostly unknown to us; we notice them mainly when inexplicable personal or social disharmonies crop up or when some of these layers do not work together optimally. Bringing our internal resources into harmony again demands a conscious effort on our part. If you know what is important, you can achieve this goal with fairly simple exercises.

We have built the course so that it proceeds step by step, successively addressing these different layers. The basis for this is both the eightfold path of the Buddha as taught 3000 years ago, and the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount. These teachings address the structure and the multifaceted connection between mind and body in a similar way-- dividing it into eight or nine basic principles. Rudolf Steiner worked out the similarities between these two paths in the 20th century. The system and content of this course are based on these sources.

We recommend that you take the course in the given order, week by week or during longer periods.  However, if you'd rather work thematically and pick the order of topics according to what matters most to you, feel free to do so.